Custom Made


Do you have a design in mind that you just can’t find anywhere? We’ve got you covered! With the guidance of our designer and her staff, style, design features, fabrics, and embellishments will be of your own choosing.  Nearly anything is possible. And, when a perfect fit is included in the price there is no need for unexpected added alteration expense.  

 Your visit will begin with a personal meeting with you and designer, Cecilia, to discuss your ideas, thoughts, dreams…how you picture yourself on your special day.  Silhouettes, fabrics, and details will be discussed so that a sketch can be created for your approval.

 You will be notified for necessary fittings, at which time your dress will be tried on and checked for fit perfection and final details.

 And finally…your dress will be pressed and ready for you to pick up for the day of your dreams. Contact us if you have any questions! 


Pricing for custom made dresses vary on the complexity of the dresses + the quality of the materials. We recommend booking a free consultation with Cecilia to discuss your ideas and pricing! We will base the pricing on the tiers below:

Third Tier: Synthetic (quality) materials with medium quality lace and minimal hand beading: $2,600 - $3,200

Second Tier: A mix of medium/high quality material + beadwork or hand work: $3,200 -$ 4,000

First Tier: Natural fabrics such as silk + high end laces + extensive hand beading/crystals with multiple hours of work by hand: $4, 200+

View custom work Photo Gallery HERE.